Everyday in front of my college, in Christ University, I usually see a very old man begging for money from the students who pass there. He is really old that I don’t think he can work for his livelihood to get even the basics. Even I pass this man, everyday and most of the times I really feel pity for him.

I am a kind of person who does not encourage begging at all. Even people who are physically and mentally strong tend to beg, because it is one of the easy way to get money – no hard work at all :Easy Money. Few of them take it even as a profession. If they can get 20 rupees from at least 40 people a day, they can easily make Rs.800.(800 x 30 days= Rs.24,000)(without any real work. INTERESTING!!!!!). Nowadays, it has become a big mafia, where certain groups kidnap people and children and harm them cruelly by chopping off their hands or even making them blind so that others give them money out of sympathy. The leaders of such group, tell these destitutes to get a particular amount at the end of the day. If they fail to do it, further cruelties and punishments. So how do we stop this?

I personally request everyone, even if you feel sorry for poor people, don’t help them financially, it could be in any other form. For example, if a poor man is feeling cold in winter and if he can’t afford a blanket, buy one and give instead of giving him money. And give money only to those people who actually work. In most of the traffic signals we can see people selling something, maybe pens, small soft toys, cleaning cloth etc. Most of them are really cheap and maybe not be of very good quality like a well known brand. Buy from them, they are doing it for a livelihood. It might not be very useful to you but at least they are actually working and not begging. How much money do we people waste, without even knowing the value of it. Maybe the amount we waste unnecessarily (maybe a small amount for us) could be a huge amount for people like those who work day and night to meet their two ends.

Even after writing so much, I personally don’t know what to do with that old man. From the bottom of my heart I really want to do something for him, but don’t know what and how.


Its Time to Question

According to the  Western notion, Secularism is the principle of the separation of the government (institutions or persons) from the religious institution. In India, it takes a different turn. Here it means equal treatment of all religions by the state. Unlike  the Western concept of secularism, the concept of secularism in India envisions acceptance of religious laws as binding on the state and equal participation of state in different religion.

According to the Indian Constitution, India is a secular country giving equal importance to all the religions and their beliefs. This is mentioned in the 42nd Amendment of the constitution. It does not have an official state religion. The people of India have freedom of religion and the state treats all people as equal citizens regardless of their religion.( This is what they are supposed to do). But by seeing the rising atrocities against other religions in India, secularism has become a question.

The recent attacks of churches in Delhi ( by some Hindu extremists) have created a havoc in the capital. Wide protests have been carried out by Christians to fight for their right to follow any religion guaranteed by the constitution. If India is a secular country then why should there be such atrocities? This is not the only case against Christians but many more had taken place across the country. The attacks on Christians in Orissa cannot be missed out at all. The attack is not only on the Christians but also on Muslims. The Babri Masjid demolition and the Godhra riots were all in the name of religion, and the rest is history. Many personally feel as if these attacks could have been because of the ruling party’s ideology to promote Hinduism. And also also the “Ghar Wapsi” brought in by the RSS and VHP (which is re conversion of the non hindus to hindus) has be come highly controversial raising many questions about the secularism in India. A kind of fear has penetrated among people of other religion.

Its time that we raise our voice and question these injustices against the citizens of India who wish to live in this sovereign, socialist, secular and republic India.

A Ray of Hope

The 2014 General Assembly Election was a recordable and remarkable win for the BJP party in its history. It has also become an important event in the history of our country, because it was the year when Congress was terribly defeated with the least majority after being in power for so many years.

The main reason for the defeat of the Congress party was the innumerable scam it had, especially during the Manmohan Singh’s second term which includes the Commonwealth Scam, 3G Spectrum Scam and many more. People were so desperate and out of no other choice, voted for BJP which brought them to the power. The Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP was also an attracting force for the general public. The kind of improvements Mr. Narendra Modi had brought in the state of Gujarat, increased the hope in people.

The coming of Mr. Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister has instilled a ray of hope and a positivity in people, believing that he will create miracle in India. Almost the entire country (including people of all religion- Christanity and Muslims) wanted him and supported him (even though he was accused for his involvement in the Gujarat riots,2002). The first so called ‘achievement’ which Narendra Modi did was inviting all the SAARC Nation Presidents and Prime Minister for his oath-taking. The oath-taking was a remarkable one or gained prominence, because it was the first time in the history of India that a Pakistan Prime Minister had attended the oath ceremony. Modi made his first step towards peace keeping. Another history which he created was by inviting Mr. Barack Obama, the US President as the Chief Guest for the Republic Day parade. Histories after histories, Modi is doing it. And not to forget his “Swaach Bharat” initiative. We don’t know what might happen in 2019- will India become a clean place? But I’ll always appreciate his initiation to atleast start the act. Hope it will be continued.

On one side such improvements and initiation and on the other, conversion of people into Hinduism. Many people think that it has started because the BJP power is in party. It could be true. But this would be a pathetic situation. Personally, I got a post in my Whatsapp (which came to me after circulating so much), from the RSS party that they will evacuate all the Christians in India by 2021. Conversions could be first step towards it. This is absolutely a pathetic situation and can have serious consequences later in our country. This has created fear in people even those Muslims and Christians or other religion who has hopefully voted for BJP rather Narendra Modi.

I personally acknowledge the ideologies of BJP. But the actions of Mr. Narendra Modi has created a hope in me (but that doesn’t mean I support BJP; but only Narendra Modi as a person and PM). These issues has to be seriously taken into consideration otherwise it will become a great blackmark for the PM Narendra Modi and his party.


Where has our freedom gone? Is our freedom seriously under threat? Next time, when one thinks of talking or acting or even thinking about something , should they think about being taken to task or by being shot by Terrorists? Are they actually controlling what has to be said and done? What is happening?

Several examples can be laid that supports the above talked. For example the shooting of Malala Yousafzi ( at the age of 15) for raising her voice or rather fighting for her due rights of basic education, then can be the 2014 Peshawar killings where 140 innocent school kids were shot at a point blank range in their school building itself for pursuing education and also as a revenge of the Talibans against the Army officers as according to the Taliban, they wanted the Army people to feel the pain when their dear ones are massacred. A recent case can be the Charlie Hebdo shooting were 12 people including the editor, Stephen “Charb” Charbonnier was shot by the terrorists as Charlie Hebdo published  satirical pictures of Prophet Mohammed.

If taken to note all the attacks were basically carried out by Al- Queda or Talibans. They have made themselves the ruler above everyone else and has been taking the decisions by killing people ruthlessly in the name of “Quran”. Maybe the Charlie Hebdo shooting could have occured as it was against their belief to make any visual representation of Prophet Mohammed. But if we see it in that point of view, Charlie Hebdo puts everything in a satirical manner regarding all major religions and not only Islam. If everyone takes up an AK-47 and shoots everyone what about the law and order in our world?   The other two acts as explained in the examples cannot be forgiven by any human beings. It was literally at its heights.

The International Organisations and all the countries should really think about this and should really take a very instant and quick step to deal with this issue and curb it before it is totally out of hands.


One day after my usual shopping in Jayanagar 4th block, I came and stood near the signal to cross the road. I looked at the traffic signal and it was green- for all the vehicles to move. All the heavy cars and two wheelers were zooming in as fast as possible, to cross the signal before it turns yellow, rather red. And between all these, they were few people who wanted to cross the road and create even more of a confusion for the drivers.

Like a good law abiding citizen (;) ) I stood there waiting for the signal to turn red, so that the pedestrians can cross. Meanwhile I was checking out all the vehicles, their speed, people on road etc, and at the same time looking at the signal. At that point of time, I realised that there was a dog standing next to me,who was almost ‘staring’ at the traffic. I was like ” Oh God, what is this dog doing here, and that too next to me?” Anyways, I didn’t bother much and again looked at the traffic signal with a hope. At that point of time the signal turned red for the moving traffic and all of them(luckily), stopped. Even before me realising that I have to move now and cross the road, the dog beside me crossed through the Zebra Crossing. I was SHOCKED. Indeed, the dog was waiting for the traffic signal to turn red and the traffic to stop, so that it can cross the road.WOW!!!!!

What do we understand from this? Does humans have better thinking capabilities or animals? We might call ourselves as the Superior being with a brain, but do we actually use it? We, who call ourselves educated and think that we know everything don’t even follow the basic traffic rules while an animal, a dog stood there, waited for the traffic to stop and crossed the road. I think it is high time that we really think and introspect.