Where has our freedom gone? Is our freedom seriously under threat? Next time, when one thinks of talking or acting or even thinking about something , should they think about being taken to task or by being shot by Terrorists? Are they actually controlling what has to be said and done? What is happening?

Several examples can be laid that supports the above talked. For example the shooting of Malala Yousafzi ( at the age of 15) for raising her voice or rather fighting for her due rights of basic education, then can be the 2014 Peshawar killings where 140 innocent school kids were shot at a point blank range in their school building itself for pursuing education and also as a revenge of the Talibans against the Army officers as according to the Taliban, they wanted the Army people to feel the pain when their dear ones are massacred. A recent case can be the Charlie Hebdo shooting were 12 people including the editor, Stephen “Charb” Charbonnier was shot by the terrorists as Charlie Hebdo published  satirical pictures of Prophet Mohammed.

If taken to note all the attacks were basically carried out by Al- Queda or Talibans. They have made themselves the ruler above everyone else and has been taking the decisions by killing people ruthlessly in the name of “Quran”. Maybe the Charlie Hebdo shooting could have occured as it was against their belief to make any visual representation of Prophet Mohammed. But if we see it in that point of view, Charlie Hebdo puts everything in a satirical manner regarding all major religions and not only Islam. If everyone takes up an AK-47 and shoots everyone what about the law and order in our world?   The other two acts as explained in the examples cannot be forgiven by any human beings. It was literally at its heights.

The International Organisations and all the countries should really think about this and should really take a very instant and quick step to deal with this issue and curb it before it is totally out of hands.



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